Grimoire Nights is an occult and historical horror fiction podcast written and produced by Kay Halloran.

Each original, feature-length, dramatized story draws listeners into a chilling glimpse of the darkest and most obscure recesses of history.

This podcast is written for an adult audience. Listener discretion is advised on all episodes for mature subject matter and disturbing situations.

Six episodes will be released through the end of 2020…

Two archaeologists working on a mound in rural Turkey unearth a primeval secret from the dawn of human history.

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Part One

Part Two

Part Three


A bohemian poet living in the French countryside at the turn of the 20th century discovers an artist with a vivid imagination.

Catching the Westbound

A couple of hobos wandering around depression era America share scary campfire stories on Halloween night, 1932.


A spiritualist medium in western Massachusetts finds herself at wit’s end after a Sunday picnic is crashed by an unwelcome guest.


A Pinkerton agent infiltrates a mining union in western Pennsylvania rumored to be in league with Satan.

The Procurer

An inspector in post-revolutionary Paris interrogates the former servant of an infamous aristocratic dynasty.