Grimoire Nights is an occult fiction series about practitioners of real magick, their craft, the gods and spirits they consort with, and all the glorious and terrifying chaos that comes along with it.

Coffee-shilling twenty-something trash-witch Silvana Smith is down on her luck. She’s stuck wallowing in the unrequited drama of her hometown, saddled with student debt, and the bank wants her house. Seeing no strictly rational path to deliverance, she turns to the eldritch rituals and wicked spirits of an ancient goetic grimoire for help. Committing herself to the magical book’s elaborate ordeals of skullduggery, Silvana aims to call up a demon, form a pact, and attain her heart’s desires. As it so happens, a lord of hell can be dangerous company to keep when you aren’t too clear on the details.

The first half of Book I is currently available for free reading on Wattpad!

The complete book will be released on Kindle Unlimited in late January 2020!