Kay Halloran is an author of Occult Horror Fiction.

Kay’s stories inhabit well-researched and under-explored historical settings, wallow in a dusty antiquarian aesthetic, and glimmer with a decadent prose style, as ornate as it is cruel. 

Behind his sinister mysteries lie wicked spirits and eldritch divinities from the dim gloom of humanity’s nightmares.

Kay’s literary sensibilities derive from classic authors of the horror genre, such as H. P. Lovecraft and Arthur Machen. His writing draws inspiration from his extensive studies in the academic disciplines of anthropology and archaeology, as well as his personal experiences practicing folk traditions of witchcraft and magic.

Kay writes, produces, and performs his own stories as audiofiction on The Grimoire Nights Podcast. Its occult neo-noir anthology series, Nocturnal Omissions, is currently running its first season.

This year Kay plans to release his full debut novel, Bazi’s Song, a supernatural thriller set behind the crumbling mud brick walls of an ancient Sumerian city.

Kay also hosts The PodHand along with his friends Mattie Lewis and J. R. Bolt, a literary analysis podcast discussing the oeuvre and influences of the late Kentaro Miura and his horror fantasy manga masterpiece, Berserk.

Kay grew up in Western Massachusetts but is currently trapped within The Bridgewater Triangle. He lives with his cats, Artemis and Apollo, and in his spare time he digs computer games, stoner metal, and doom jazz.