As an emerging writer trying to release a series I’ve been told it’s crucial to have some kind of a mailing list where I can let readers know when I have a new release or promotion on the way. I’ve never really liked signing up for mailing lists, so to make it palatable I’m writing a serialized sequel novella to Grimoire Nights that I’ll be releasing for free if you join my list.

Allhallows is a folk horror novella that tells the story of the community of Allhallows, an English village established in 17th century with a dark secret and terrible fate. The chapters are told from the perspective of various witnesses and the account of its enigmatic founder, Benjamin Croke and chronicle the town from its establishment to its grizzly demise.

Additionally, through the mailing list I will also be sending you occasional unobtrusive extras, such as a spotify playlist and further stand-alone short stories, as well as updates about the Grimoire Nights series and sharing insights on my writing process and weird habits.

Just sign up to receive your free download link: